About us

Watsoft was founded in 2001 to provide organizations of all sectors with relevant professional software solutions in two main areas: network security and Internet communication.

Today, companies’ requirements are very precise: they look for software solutions that will help them increase their production, at reasonable cost. In addition, they want software they can purchase, download and run immediately and seamlessly.

In order to meet their expectations, we offer top of the range products through an efficient and reliable distribution channel.

Strong partnerships with software vendors...

Solutions offered by software vendors are thoroughly tested by our technicians, according to the following criteria: usability, features, security and compliance with our distribution mode. In return, they can rely on us to launch their products and get the benefit of our experience to conquer the French market: marketing, translation, press contacts...


3574 resellers in France and French-speaking countries...

Today, more than 3000 resellers have signed a partnership with Watsoft and benefit from:

  • High-level technical support, training sessions
  • Responsive sales assistance
  • Sophisticated lead management system, marketing tools and much more...


Products and services

  • Watsoft 's offer includes messaging, Internet communication, network monitoring, virtualization, backup and security software solutions (licence and Saas models). See catalog
  • Services range from installation, maintenance to training sessions.

For further information, please feel free to contact us on our international number +33 556 150 100 or write an e-mail to ventes@watsoft.com.


Anti-spam and privacy policies

Watsoft is not sending any form of unsollicitted bulk e-mail to anyone and only sends e-mail to its registered resellers.
If you feel like you received unsollicited e-mail from us, please send a message to webmaster@watsoft.com so we can analyse this matter.

At Watsoft we're handling personal data with care. If you need more information on our privacy policy, please read our privacy policy article in orginal french or in automated translated english.